Aug 17, 2014
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Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) 

Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) is a global non-profit educational services organization known for its assessment, Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) These assessments measure our students’ growth and learning needs, foster educators’ ability to accelerate our students’ learning, and are based on research that supports assessment validity and data interpretation.

The NWEA assessments deliver precise and immediate results that identify learning levels, and the data is used to differentiate instruction.

NWEA assessments react to each student’s answers. In the testing world, this makes assessments “adaptive,” or personalized to measure the needs of every student. If your child answers a question correctly, the test follows up with a more challenging question. If your child answers incorrectly, the test follows up with an easier question.

This computer-adaptive test dynamically adjusts to each student’s instructional level for personalized testing. It provides a clear understanding of our students’ performance across a range of subjects without being limited to a particular grade level, making it easy to develop individualized learning plans. NWEA assessments can be used as a diagnostic tool to assist with student placement, and to measure gains to provide insight into program effectiveness.