Entrance exam & Admission guidelines

Admission Office is open daily from 08:00 a.m. until 02:00 p.m., Sunday to Thursday throughout the school year. You are kindly requested to call the school to take an appointment with the admission office in case you need to schedule a school tour or to see the school registrar.

Our contact information is as follows:

  • E-Mail:
  • Contact: Landline: 0126642852 - Mobil: 0549000309
  • Website:
  • Address: KSA - Jeddah - Al-Rawda Distrect - Al-Kayal ST

Parents who wish to enroll their child in Dar Al-Mawhobeen International School must complete the application forms that are available at the registration office and school website. The child must also complete an academic assessment. It is administered according to the grade level that matches the placement of the child.

This Admissions Test cannot be given until all necessary previous school records, and official documents are provided. The school’s admission committee will evaluate the applicant's previous school records prior to the assessment test and review the results of the admission test to determine whether admission is in the best interest of both the school and the child.

The school’s administration will determine the need for further information as may be necessary. It may be necessary for a parent interview in making a final determination of admission.

The student will be accepted into the school if:

- She/he passes the entrance exam. If the student does not pass the exam, she/he may be allowed to take a retest exam at the discretion of the school administration.

- The student is within the appropriate age range for the grade to which she/he is applying, according to the international requirements.

- There is space available in the grade to which she/he is applying


Admission to All Grade


Students are required to have sufficient listening and speaking proficiency in English to follow instructions and explanations in the classroom. Students must be able to express their ideas in written English and read with comprehension at grade level


Students should have met the standards of learning of the previous years.


Students must meet the Requirements of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education.


Students should have met the standards of learning of the previous years.

Age Eligibility Cut-Off Dates

Our school adheres to the admission policy requirements as established by the international requirements which stipulates the following ages for acceptance. By the 1st of September the child should be:

Grade Minimum Age Maximum Age
Kg 1 3 Years 4 Years (By Gregorian Year)
Kg 2 4 Years 5 Years (By Gregorian Year)
Kg 3 5 Years 6 Years (By Gregorian Year)
One 6 Years 7 Years (By Gregorian Year)
Two 7 Years 8 Years (By Gregorian Year)
Three 8 Years 9 Years (By Gregorian Year)
Four 9 Years 10 Years (By Gregorian Year)
Five 10 Years 11 Years (By Gregorian Year)
Six 11 Years 12 Years (By Gregorian Year)

Other Requirements for Admission

  • A copy of the student's birth certificate.1
  • A copy of Saudi ID and residency ID for non- Saudis.
  • The original and copy of child's vaccination certificate and completion of health information document.
  • 2 photos of student.( 4×5 )
  • Previous school report cards.
  • Transferees from schools outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia –
  • A student must have an equivalence certificate from the ministry of Education.
  • There will be no acceptance for any child who is under the appropriate age.
  • A student who is transferred from another school must have a report card for the last two years and a student file, which includes all report cards.

Application and Waiting List

After completing the admission process, a student may be offered a place in the school for immediate start or to start in the new academic year. Should a grade level be full, the parent is welcome to request the entry of the child’s name onto the school’s waiting list. The registrar manages the waiting list and offers placements to students according to available grade placements. Siblings are given preference provided all the admission criteria are met.

Transfer Students

Students may come from schools that apply different assessment from Da Al-Mawhobeen International School. It is therefore imperative that all records from previous schools be reviewed, along with the Dar Al-Mawhobeen International School entry assessments in order to place students in the appropriate grades. The Academic Coordinator will make this assessment.

Payment of Fees

Tuition fees must be paid according to admission policy requirements to the school cashier before students start school. Inquiries about this may be made to the reception staff, or through the school accountant.


When a student is withdrawing from school, please fill the Dar Al-Mawhobeen International School Withdrawal Form 2 months before the last day of attendance. This will insure that all paperwork may be properly completed. The school records will be given to the child on his/her last day of attendance.

Re- Enrollment Rules

Only Students with a zero balance will be allowed to re-enroll for the next academic year.

Any student who leaves the school for a year will be considered as a new student and needs to open a new file.

The student may lose his/her seat, if re-enrollment fees are not paid on time to reserve the student a seat for the coming academic year.