Message from the Principal

Dar Al- Mawhobeen International School founded in the year 2013 is committed to the proposition that each student deserves the finest possible educational opportunities. Dar Al- Mawhobeen International School stresses the continuing importance of the core subjects, with particular emphasis on reading, writing and problem solving. As a progressive institution dedicated to preparing students for a changing future, Dar Al- Mawhobeen International School is equally committed to the intelligent application of technology in every component of the educational process.

Our priority is to provide innovative and quality educational experiences and to motivate and enable students to become productive, creative and responsible world class citizens and to support all students, in their development of a healthier self-concept, leading to a sound judgment and appropriate decision-making.

Dar Al-Mawhobeen International School offers an American Curriculum of international standards in an ultimate learning environment. Dar Al-Mawhobeen International School is licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

Students may graduate from the school, with regular three years of study.


I invite you to visit and see what makes Dar Al Mawhobeen International School such a unique, extraordinary, overwhelming and forward-looking community which is a fantastic place to live and learn. I look forward to welcoming you.

Academic Director